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This is what T will Do For YOU!


The time has come to strongly consider putting your home on the market. What steps do you need to take to ensure a smooth & seamless transaction? Well, that's where I come in! As your REALTOR®️ I’m here to help navigate you throughout the complexities of the real estate transaction process every step of the way.  I'll expertly prepare, price and market your property for sale resulting in a FAST transaction, the HIGHEST sales price and EARN you the most sale proceeds. Put my skills to the test as I negotiate on your behalf. I work hard for my clients and guarantee that quality customer service, professionalism and care will be demonstrated throughout your transaction


I'll find ready, willing and able well qualified buyers for your home and expertly negotiate a sales price that works for your financial goals.


With all the paperwork that goes into a property closing, it’s easy to get discouraged. Not to worry though. I utilize a paperless transaction management system that offers you the unique ability to conduct your entire Real Estate transaction safely & securely ONLINE with literally the simple touch of a BUTTON!

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The "T" GuaranTee

"A real estate transaction is a multifaceted process with many moving parts. Whatever your realty goals are, I’m here to help — providing the highest level of personalized services to create a unique and satisfactory experience for all my clients. " Therese "T"

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